Leading Israeli financial institutions adopt the Modelity/Structures product

Modelity Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of financial modeling technology, announced today the successful implementation of Modelity/Structures among leading structures and distributors in the flourishing structured products market in Israel.

Modelity/Structures provides a comprehensive management of structured products, covering the full interaction between the suppliers and the private client. This interaction is spread over three main areas:

Marketing work, such as historical and future scenarios that illustrate the product’s terms and their implications under various market behaviors

Operational tasks including daily calculation of payments, capital gain tax and product value

Improved support using state-of-the-art reporting mechanism that explains the current product value and payments for the private client

Existing clients of Modelity/Structures currently manage more than twenty different product lines, including Shark, Digital Option products, Asian Option products, Reverse Convertibles and Range Accruals from various asset classes, such as equity-linked, FX-linked, commodity-linked and interest rate-linked.

To read more about the Modelity/Structures product, please refer to Modelity/Structures product description.

For further information, please send email to info@modelity.com.

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