Leumi Mortgage delivers mortgage transparency to clients using Modelity

Leumi Mortgage, a mortgage bank part of Leumi group, is using Modelity, the market leader in transparency technologies for financial products, to offer optimized mortgage baskets to potential clients.

The system is based upon an optimization engine, which runs millions of mortgage baskets and different payouts.

It enables mortgage representatives to utilize the needs and requirements specified by the client to select the most suitable mix of mortgage types.

“The new system extends our range of solutions for complex financial products. As a leader in financial products transparency technologies, we recognize the fact that a mortgage is sometimes a complex financial product. There is a great need for transparency and advisory systems for this instrument type,” said Ravit Levanon, VP Sales Trading and Advisory at Modelity Technologies.

“As a leader in the domestic mortgage market” said Noa Lipschitz, VP Marketing at Leumi Mortgage, “we offer our clients customized mortgages that fully match their self-reported needs and goals. Modelity provides us with the technology to do so.”

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