Modelity announces partnership with FnPricing in Korea

Starting in January 2014, Modelity and FnPricing will join forces in order to penetrate the Korean market. FnPricing is a Korean firm that provides finance & infrastructure solutions to financial services organizations in Korea and is one of only 4 licensed companies in Korea to provide fair value pricing services for structured finance products.

Together, the companies will be able to take advantage of each other’s capabilities to offer the Korean market a highly competitive structured product solution. The two companies will work on the synthesis of Modelity’s operational, management and distribution platforms with FnPricing’s pricing solutions, as well as the localization & adaptation of the solution to meet the needs of the Korean market.

Ayal Leibowitz, Modelity’s CEO, says, “The synergy between Modelity/Structures and FnPricing’s technology will introduce a competitive offering, and we are excited to embark on this journey together. With FnPricing’s local reputation and presence we hope to successfully penetrate the Korean market.”

Won Seok Choi, CEO from FnPricing adds, “Incomplete sales have been one of the main risks faced by financial consumers and an obstacle to the development of the structured financial market. Modelity provides a state-of-the-art structured finance product sales management system, and it is our strong belief that together we can implement the best practice of financial consumer protection in the Korean market.”

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