Modelity and F.M.R. Consulting partner to deliver risk management systems

Modelity Technologies Ltd. and F.M.R. Consulting Financial And Mathematical Research s.r.l. announce a partnership to develop a joint solution for the financial risk management industry. The innovative solution will help financial institutions to analyze their portfolios’ risk, taking into consideration both traditional and complex financial products.

“Advances in the financial industry mandate portfolios to include non-linear instruments, requiring new approaches to the risk management process.”, said Enrico Melchioni, Chief Executive Officer, F.M.R Consulting s.r.l, “The joint solution will provide an innovative platform to deal with the increased complexity of portfolios.”

“The joint solution addresses needs that have been expressed by clients of both partner companies”, said Ayal Leibowitz, VP of Research & Development, Modelity Technologies Ltd., “We believe these needs are common not only to the partners’ client base but also to the vast majority of financial institutions world-wide.”

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