Modelity introduces a comprehensive solution for the KID for PRIIPs regulation

The upcoming KID for PRIIPs regulation is currently scheduled to be live beginning of year 2017. Financial institutions within the EU would be required to publish a Key Information Document (KID) for their Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs).

To meet with the upcoming regulation, Modelity introduces a full and robust solution that satisfies all aspects of a KID generation process: from calculating all the required metrics to generating the final documents.

Based on its award-winning Modelity/Structures technology, the solution covers the calculation of the synthetic risk indicator (SRI), the performance scenarios and the cost disclosure, including its breakdown, supporting the full variety of financial products including the most complex structures.

The solution automates the generation of the KIDs, at the click of a button, while still enabling advanced customisation of the various templates to support the financial institution’s branding codes and the target clients’ language.

The technology enables not only the creation of the KIDs at the product issuance (i.e. primary market), but automates the periodical reviews and updates required by the regulation for live products (i.e. secondary market).

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