Modelity is a member of Israel’s first Economy Ministry delegation to India

Modelity is a member of Israel’s first Economy Ministry delegation to India

Asaf Seri, COO at Modelity, accompanied the Israeli Economy Minister, Naftali Bennet, on the country’s first Economy Ministry delegation to India last month. The focus of the visit was to promote free-trade agreement negotiations and strengthen the economic ties between India & Israel. The delegation included representatives from 15 Israeli telecommunications and software companies, including Modelity.

As a member of the delegation, Asaf participated in business meetings with leading Indian businessmen, multinational executives and government officials. Asaf Seri says, “Travelling with the delegation to India was an exciting experience. I not only gained insight into the Indian market, but was able to engage top members of the Indian business community. Modelity hopes to build upon these connections in the future.”

Asaf Seri Trip to India small

Asaf Seri with Mr. Kapil Sibal, the Indian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Law and Justice.

For more information about the visit, please click here.

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