Modelity to present new version of Modelity/Structures at Structured Products 2008 European Conferences

Due to increasing interest in Modelity/Structures over recent months, Modelity will be presenting a new and improved version of the product at the forthcoming conferences:

Structured Products Switzerland 2008 on 2nd October in Geneva

Structured Products Italia 2008 on 15th & 16th October in Milan

Structured Products Europe 2008 on 11th & 12th November in London

The new version of Modelity/Structures includes a number of new functionalities and features, making it a more powerful tool for the marketing, sales, development and support of structured products. Among the new functionalities:

Event Messaging / Alert component ensures that key personnel or clients are immediately notified upon the occurrence of a predefined event, for example a knock-in level is reached.

Upgraded user-friendly financial modeling language, where payoffs are modeled similar to the way they are described in term sheets.

Goal search facility enables the location of a historical or future market scenario that meets certain criteria, such as a defined performance at maturity for a particular product, a barrier breach and conversion.

Payout modeling for the entire range of payouts published by the Swiss Structured Products Association.

Wider range of analytics within product definition universe.

General availability of the new version is expected during November 2008.

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