Modelity again ranked best technology in the category of “Client interface and e-commerce platform” at Technology Vendor Ranking

Modelity won the top spot for the second year in a row at the Technology Vendor Ranking 2012 conducted by Structured Products Magazine.

The company’s continued commitment to researching, developing, and integrating new technologies into its products while maintaining a superior user-experience has secured its place as a technological leader in today’s structured products field.

Concurrently with improving its tools, Modelity’s innovative technology is now available on mobile platforms, tablets and smartphones, such as Apple’s iPad/iPhone and Google Android devices. The tools leverage the capabilities of multi-touch screens, enabling users to draw market scenarios using their fingertips.

Modelity’s technology has also evolved to support secondary markets, providing animated presentations throughout the product lifetime, with up-to-date market data, presenting future scenarios along with past performance.

“We are very proud that our ability to innovate, improve and grow while remaining at the top of the field was once again recognized by our peers,” says Asaf Seri, Chief Operating Officer at Modelity Technologies. “We look forward to continuing to impress our clients and plan on raising the bar even higher in the future.”

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