Modelity Technologies Ltd. launches Modelity/Structures in Hong Kong and Asia

Following recent successes in Europe, this month Modelity Technologies Ltd. brought its comprehensive structured product development, sales and management solution for structured products (Modelity/Structures ) to Hong Kong and Asia.

The focus for the launch was Modelity’s exhibition at the Structured Products Asia conference in Hong Kong on 5th October. The conference was a key event in the diary of the major regional players in the structured products market.

Over the coming months, Modelity will continue to devote a great deal of marketing activity to this region. Modelity seeks to partner with a suitable firm to facilitate its entry into the Asian market. Enquiries should be sent to

Eran Elad, Modelity/Structures Product Manager, said “It is clear that in the Asian market this year, structured products have been consistently outselling other investment products. In my discussions with leading market players in Hong Kong, they noted that investors want products they can understand, that can offer both upside and capital protection, because they want to feel safe and informed. I found keen interest in Modelity’s capabilities which we have already successfully marketed in other regions, because Modelity/Structures boosts and facilitates the sale of structured products by helping investors to understand what they are buying, and why they are buying it. These days, clients need to feel informed before they buy.”

For further information about Modelity in Asia, please send an email to email:

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