Modelity/Advisor and Modelity/Structures are available through an ASP Model

odelity Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of financial modeling technology, announced today the availability of the Modelity/Advisor and Modelity/Structures products under an ASP model.

Modelity/Advisor provides integrated portfolio analysis, investment advice, proactive sales opportunities and control tools for financial advisors, investment managers and Internet banking.

Modelity/Structures provides a comprehensive management of structured products, covering the full relationship between the suppliers and the private client.

“[Modelity/Advisor and Modelity/Structures] Going live in an ASP model enables small and medium size financial institutions to provide best-of-breed advice and products to their customers.”, commented Ido Freidlin, Chief Executive Officer, Modelity Technologies Ltd., and added that “The new business approach allows these institutions to use top tier solutions that are currently used by large banks, while reducing license and operational costs.”

To read more about the Modelity/Advisor product, please refer to Modelity/Advisor product description.

To read more about the Modelity/Structures product, please refer to Modelity/Structures product description.

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