Modelity/Advisor goes live in Leumi’s retail branch office network

Modelity Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of financial modeling technology, announced today the successful completion of Modelity/Advisor implementation across all Leumi’s Israeli retail branch offices. Modelity/Advisor is being used by Leumi’s hundreds of financial advisors to provide an optimized personal financial advice, based on the client’s specific risk tolerance, financial constraints and expectations.

The implementation of Modelity/Advisor in Leumi, a leading bank in Israel, includes five components: Profiling and Optimization, Risk Management, Performance Attribution, Advisor Activation and Supervision, and Infrastructure for Financial Modeling.

“Leumi is focused on providing its clients with personal financial advice, assisting them in reaching their financial goals.”, said Einat Skurnik, Head of Analytic Research, Bank Leumi Ltd., “Modelity/Advisor provides Leumi with the ability to provide personal financial advice, in addition to historical performance analysis and advisor supervision.”

“[Modelity/Advisor] Going live in Leumi’s retail branch offices positions Bank Leumi as the market leader of financial advice services in Israel.”, said Ido Freidlin, Chief Executive Officer, Modelity Technologies Ltd., “Leumi’s Best Invest, the bank’s branded financial advice system, is considered to be the most advanced financial advice system in Israel.”

“Modelity/Advisor was implemented with no delays, meeting all the bank’s goals according to milestones and schedule dictated by the bank.”, said Ayal Leibowitz, VP of Research & Development, Modelity Technologies Ltd., “This proves Modelity’s state-of-the-art technology and financial breadth of the product.”

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