Modelity/Advisor introduces multi-advisory process platform

Modelity Technologies Ltd. announces the release of its new version of Modelity/Advisor that incorporates an enhanced platform for managing multiple financial advisory processes in a multi-banking environment. Financial institutions can now offer a variety of advisory processes, such as short to medium term investment plans, pension plans, post-retirement plans and an overall financial life plan. These institutions will use this new version to offer additional services to their customers and provide a comprehensive financial advisory that will suit various customer sectors.

Additionally, Modelity/Advisor offers integrated multi channel advisory processes. Ido Freidlin, Chief Executive Officer, Modelity Technologies Ltd. said: “This innovative service will allow our customers to complete an advisory process in several steps, with the ability to perform each step through a different channel. For instance, a financial life plan process could start by letting the client fill in their preferences, goals and other preliminary data via internet, and conclude with a meeting with an advisor at the branch.” He added that “… this new method of work will relieve advisors from time consuming tasks and allow them to focus on their core business.”

Modelity/Advisor delivers a comprehensive financial advisory solution, a platform to construct and administer various advisory processes, based on a set of leading-edge financial models. The advisory processes are easily tailored to suit specific institution requirements and provide personal advice to each individual. Additionally, the platform includes a module that monitors advisors and portfolios and offers proactive sales opportunities.

Modelity Technologies Ltd. is dedicated to providing financial institutions with a proven, value adding financial modeling platform and products, enhancing competitiveness and improving service levels. Modelity’s product offering consists of a fully configurable, best-of-breed modeling platform to create and deliver analytic financial content. In addition to Modelity/Advisor, Modelity’s offering includes the following products:

Modelity/Structures: A complete solution that streamlines the process of new product development, providing comprehensive management of structured products for the buy side, from product definition and testing to marketing and back office operations.

Modelity/Funds: A platform that provides fund managers with decision support tools in the fields of portfolio optimization, risk management, performance attribution and more.

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