Modelity’s online mortgage optimization debuts in RAK’s website

Modelity, in collaboration with RAK, the leading comparison portal for financial products and services, is providing its online optimization system to the website’s clients. The system enables mortgage seekers, within a few minutes, to get personalized custom mortgage packages that are the most cost effective and suitable for their needs. 

Mortgage seekers are aware now more than ever of the importance of choosing the mortgage types and features that are most suitable to them. To achieve this, they need either to engage a costly mortgage broker advice, or to physically visit various bank branches. Modelity’s online mortgage advice interactively finds the optimal mortgage package, based on the borrower’s needs and capabilities.

Modelity’s mortgage advice system includes an advanced financial engine that calculates macro estimates of inflation and interest rate developments that are embedded within the capital markets. Together with the client’s information, the estimates are taken into account when estimating the total cost of millions of possible mortgage packages.

Another service provided is a free option to test various mortgage offers received from banks and compare them, to see which offer is the most advantageous, and let the client know if there is a better option available.

“Due to regulations, mortgages are becoming more and more complex”, says Ayal Leibowitz, Modelity’s CEO, “There’s a clear need for an online service that will assist clients to cope with this complexity.”

“The vast majority of clients are still going through the critical mortgage process independently, using antiquated tools that do not match the complexity of the market and products.”, Says Uri Shmueli, RAK’s CEO, “Using RAK mortgage advice, based on Modelity’s engine, clients can achieve high savings within a few minutes.”

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