Modelity’s platform goes live in JVB Financial Group’s new Structured Products website

Modelity has partnered with JVB Financial Group, an investment firm specializing in the wholesale distribution of Structured Products, to create an innovative new platform that includes a flexible and high performance repository on JVB’s new Structured Products website. Modelity’s platform is capable of managing, storing, & maintaining all product types and wrappers of structured products, and includes flexible screening capabilities for all of the data included in the repository.

John Tessar III, Managing Director at JVB, says, “One of our main goals was to simplify the search and comparison of the numerous structured products in the market by building a very user-friendly and easy to navigate site.” JVB is now offering its clients an online repository of past issues and currently available Structured Product investments. JVB clients can easily sort, filter, search and view summaries of all structured products offerings.

Ayal Leibowitz, Modelity’s CEO, says, “We greatly appreciate JVB’s trust in Modelity as a partner. We look forward to continuing to work together, and to helping JVB achieve its goal of becoming a groundbreaking pioneer in the field of Structured Products.”


Click here to view JVB’s website.

Click here to view JVB’s demo of the repository.

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