Modelity/Structures features enhanced advisory and sales services

Modelity Technologies Ltd. announced today the release of its new version of Modelity/Structures. The new version focuses on delivering structured products’ advisory and sales tools to structured product distributors.

Recent research has shown that the primary obstacle to the sales of structured products is miscomprehension of the products’ behavior, experienced by end-clients, advisors and sales persons alike. Modelity/Structures addresses this issue by providing friendly, detailed and graphical explanatory material for each specific product. In addition, these materials may be available to the mass market through the institution’s website. The new version features a robust product search engine, comparison of different products, and product performance and behavior analysis under various market scenarios.

Modelity/Structures offers a research & analysis module that targets key financial departments and allows them to explore their products’ behavior in various conditions. “By using this module they could define various future and historical scenarios, stress-test the products under them and present the results in customized, multi-dimensional views”, said Hagay Levy, Chief Financial Officer, Modelity Technologies Ltd. He added that “… distributors that already use Modelity/Structures’ reporting capabilities can enrich their sales and support reports with analysis and simulation tools.”

Modelity/Structures offers a number of solutions for structured products’ structurers and distributors, to handle various aspects of a product in the course of its lifecycle. In addition to all the above mentioned advantages, Modelity/Structures incorporates a powerful operational module that handles payments, product events and other computations. Finally, Modelity/Structures’ reporting services enhance sales and enable an unprecedented level of client support.

Modelity Technologies Ltd. is dedicated to providing financial institutions with proven, value adding financial modeling platform and products, enhancing competitiveness and improving service levels. Modelity’s product offering consists of a fully configurable, best-of-breed modeling platform to create and deliver analytic financial content. In addition to Modelity/Structures, Modelity’s offering includes the following products:

Modelity/Advisor: An enhanced management platform for multiple financial advisory processes in a multi-banking environment, providing advisors with client profiling, financial advice and planning, and control and management tools.

Modelity/Funds: A platform that provides fund managers with decision support tools in the fields of portfolio optimization, risk management, performance attribution and more.

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