Structured Products Europe 2014 Technology Innovation prize awarded to Modelity for the 5th time.

Modelity was awarded the prize for technological innovation for creating a cloud computing-based test facility that enables distributors to meet the ESMA financial recommendations. The test facility also provides automated generation of analysis documentation and ongoing stress testing throughout a products life, as recommended by ESMA.

Eran Elad, Vice President of Sales at Modelity says, “Modelity is enabling distributors to meet the ESMA recommendation, to identify a products target market and show how the product will meet its claimed objectives…”.

Another one of the significant attractions of the Modelity platform for issuers has been its tools for creating educational materials. “A major benefit of using Modelity is the ability to present semi-complex structures in a very simple way” says Dominique Boehler, head of public distribution and exchange traded funds for Switzerland at Commerzbank. “Modelity has provided excellent ideas on how different structures can be presented in a simple way…” says Tomi Ojauvo COO for corporate and institutions at Danske Bank Finland.

In addition to the new solution, Modelity technological innovations in the past year include the ability to generate payout simulations directly from a term sheet, thereby shortening the time to market for new products. Modelity has also recently integrated Microsoft word, significantly enhancing the users experience, by allowing users to import pertinent documents from the platform and create product analyses, reports and legal documentation in a familiar environment.

Eran Elad received the award on behalf of Modelity in London on November 18th, 2014.

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