The Swiss Structured Products association (SVSP) educates potential investors about structured products utilising Modelity’s technology

SVSP utilises Modelity’s Presentations to provide potential investors with an interactive information tool for newcomers to the world of structured products as part of its mandate to the continuous expansion on the provision of information, as well as promoting and strengthening knowledge and understanding of structured products in the specialist media and amongst investors.

The new tool explains to investors in straightforward terms how individual investment ideas can be implemented using structured products. “We were impressed with Modelity’ creative approach as well as dealing with tight deadlines”, says Peter Keller, SSPA’s Director of Operations & Standards. “The functional design in particular fulfills the requirements of the script and delivers the desired “easy to understand” solution for users.”

The tool supports all devices and can be viewed on mobile platforms (Tablets and Smartphones) such as Apple’s iPad/iPhone and Google Android devices. Modelity automatically customises the tools to the device and browser used by the client.

“Working with the association has been a pleasure,” said Eran Elad, Vice President of Sales. “Their commitment to ensuring that the market receives all the relevant information has allowed us to utilise the top qualities of our educational technology.”

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