Katharina Thölén

Thanks to Modelity, our clients have 24/7 access to a detailed breakdown & valueate their products.

Jeremy Brown

During the last few years sales of structured products in Norway had decreased significantly, and we were presented with challenging markets. By using Modelity’s flash sales tool, we can make sure that our advisors are best able to provide clients with a full understanding of the product’s benefits and potential risks

Colin Dickie

The main barriers to entry in the retail structured products market are the visibility of products, performance monitoring and how they compare with funds. Intermediaries and distributors are used to getting monthly factsheets from funds companies. We wanted to create the same sort of collateral to level the playing field and aid comparison. Modelity is extremely helpful in enabling us to do that.

Zak de Mariveles

What Modelity offered was unique, and it seemed the logical choice for RBS

Noa Lipschitz

As a leader in the domestic mortgage market we offer our clients customized mortgages that fully match their self-reported needs and goals. Modelity provides us with the technology to do so.

Katharina Thölén

This is a complex topic and we are happy to have found such a reliable partner

Ilkka Pihlaja

Modelity/Structures is highly valuable for us, as we insist that our clients have an upgraded service in order to feel comfortable with the kind of complex products that are needed in today’s turbulent markets. We have been very impressed with both the speed of Modelity’s implementation and also the flexibity within Modelity/Structures, which has enabled the service to be customised to meet our requirments and standards

London-based banker at a major global bank

We are using Modelity to handle the reporting on our entire product back catalogue. Its systems have already allowed us to increase the frequency of our deal reporting. We are heavy users of the firm’s programs and we intend to make even more use of them in the future

Milena Emilova & Nicolas Devos

Modelity is our service provider for PRIIPs Key Information Documents.  We chose them for their quant expertise and thorough understanding of PRIIPs and have not been disappointed.  A highly professional team, not just a technology provider but an expert at hand to explain and resolve complex methodology and technology problems.  They implemented the PRIIPs requirements in a practical and intuitive way and continue to be involved in PRIIPs developments and the search for industry consensus.  The related IT infrastructure is straightforward and efficient, expertise is very high, project management and service is excellent.